The TrackingPoint rifle is here. Kiss your ass goodbye.

TrackingPoint Rifle - WildCasa

You can run, but you can officially no longer hide because the TrackingPoint rifle is here to make sure pretty much anyone in the world can smoke your ass from up to 1,000 yards out. This thing looks like something out of the latest installment of RoboCop and is the culmination of taking heads up display and target locking technology from fighter jets, installing it on a carefully calibrated rifle, and then mixing in a spotter with an iPad so you can watch it all go down on a 9.7 inch retina display. These go for approx $25,000 and are available for sale to the public in the USA. The US military is also trying them out now as we speak. Looks like Private Pyle’s gonna have a new toy soon!

Some purists are pissed because this system essentially eliminates the need to have skill to be a sniper. What do you think? Is the TrackingPoint “cheating”? Also, what happens when the enemy hacks the gun and screws with it’s calibration? Anyway, here are some videos of the Tracking Point in action:

Quick explanation of the rifle

Hunting video of long range shots in Africa using the Tracking Point

Private Pyle was such a beast with his rifle.

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