Highland Park – So cocky with it.

Highland Park is know for a lot of things: Being one of the Dallas area’s most correct addresses, the place where Dodge’s flamethrower Clayton Kershaw played his high school baseball, and recent local infamy as the site of a series of bomb threats that took months to resolve. But more than anything HP is known for snobbery, pure, unadulterated levels of it that would make Carlton Banks blush. (Yeah, think on that for a bit. Just what would a black one percenter have to be feeling to visibly blush? Quite a bit I’m guessing.) Anyway, keeping the douche train rolling is this stellar vanity plate. An HP plate with “HPRULZ” on it? That translates to “PLZ KEY” as soon as this whip leaves its home turf.

Wildcasa -Highland Park Jeep

Wildcasa -Highland Park Jeep

Vanity Plate – Red BMW 335i “Taxman”

Red BMW 335i Wildcasa.com


I’m not sure what to make of this vanity plate. It kinda screams “douche” because nobody anyone excited about taxes, except for tax attorneys and sadistic IRS agents. I’m gonna let you decide for yourself whether or not this is a good look. All I know is, I bet this car has a way of attracting keys like a magnet unique custom pinstripes.

“Big Baller” Mercedes Benz S550 vanity plate puts lames on notice

Pow! Pow! Fellow drivers just got stunted on so hard by this bro’s Mercedes Benz S550 vanity plate. If there were an automotive version of a “nuts in your face” slam dunk this would have to be it. I mean, dude just puts it all out there clear as can be. He’s the “Big Baller” and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

"Big Baller" Mercedes Benz S550 vanity plate

“Big Baller” Mercedes Benz S550 vanity plate: Proving humility is alive and well