Strip Club incident shows Jacoby Jones and Pacman Jones are pretty much the same guy


Jacoby Jones in happier times with a different type of "dancer" - ballroom dancer Karina Smirnoff

Jacoby Jones in happier times with a different type of “dancer” – ballroom dancer Karina Smirnoff

Source – There’s a new twist in the Jacoby Jones, party bus, Sweet Pea incident and the new twist is that one of the old twists didn’t happen. Jones went on the record on Wednesday for the first time since Monday’s incident and he confirmed one thing: he was definitely on Bryant McKinnie’s party bus.

However, Jones denied that he got into an altercation with a stripper named Sweet Pea, which means he also denies being hit over the head with an Ace of Spades bottle. reported on Monday that Jones was bleeding everywhere after Sweet Pea the stripper hit him over the head with a champagne bottle.

“I’m going to take the responsibility that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Jones told WJZ-FM in Baltimore, via “There was no altercation. There’s nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong but I take responsibility for being in wrong place at the wrong time. Enough said. I apologize to my teammates and everybody.”

Sweet Pea confirmed Jones’ story, saying on Twitter that she had a “verbal confrontation with Jones and that was it!!!!”

Jacoby Jones, Adam “Pacman” Jones, at this point if your last name is Jones and you play in the NFL it may be time to just stay out of the “skrip” club (as Pacman once so eloquently called it). I mean, we all remember that Pacman was involved in the most expensive strip club visit ever when a melee broke out after he made it rain with thousands of singles and then tried to collect them up back into trash bags. That all ended with him being suspended from the NFL and ordered to pay $11.6 million as the result of a civil suit filed by the men who were shot in the commotion. Now, we have fellow Jones family member and strip club patron, Jacoby Jones, getting punked by a stripper named Sweet Pea. What the heck? Since when do the hoes slap pimps? Sweet Pea’s just changing the game and going all domestic abuser on dudes. Chill out Sweet Pea. Jacoby can’t tip you if he’s bleeding profusely from champagne bottle injuries.

Sweet Pea: Um, what's so sweet about her?

Sweet Pea: Um, what’s so sweet about her?

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