Shrimp & Syrup?!?! Shrimp and Syrup - Sippin on some sizzup









Today I was thinking about concept restaurants and the business model behind them. Basically you need something new that’s attention getting and gets hipsters talking. The food doesn’t even have to be that great as long as the atmosphere is cool and the place has something unique about it that hipsters can flaunt in the faces of their friends who haven’t dined there yet.

With this in mind how epic would it be to create a restaurant called Shrimp & Syrup?!?! It would be a soul food place modeled after Pimp C’s verse on Three 6 Mafia’s “Sippin On Some Syrup”. Just shrimp, colored drinks served in baby bottles, and waitresses on skates rocking bikinis. The signature dish would be the “Iodine Platter” (if you’ve heard the song then you totally get this reference). It would make millions. People would be lining up out the door just to have the chance to live out their wildest southern rap dining dreams. Heck, if a Forrest Gump can spawn the successful Bubba Gumb Shrimp Co. chain of restaurants why can’t Sippin On Some Syrup have a concept restaurant of its own?

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