Rules you should have been taught as a child, but weren’t

Rules. Be careful which ones you follow.

Rules. Be careful which ones you follow.










Remember all those rules your parents taught you as a child? Stuff like, “Don’t play with guns”, “Don’t talk to strangers”, and “Don’t sleep around”. Well, the rules below are what they really should have been teaching you all that time.

  1. Sleep around. (Not with people, but with places. Visit as many cities, states, and countries as you can.)
  2. Play with guns. (Own weapons and make sure others know you own them.  It’s amazing how much this does to deter crime against you. It’s amazing, but criminals don’t like to face people who are strapped with gats.  😉 )
  3. Don’t have a backup plan. (If you do, you’ll likely not put your full effort into making your main plan work.)
  4. Talk to strangers. (This is how you meet new people and expand your worldview.
  5. Speed. (In most cities, the cops give drivers a 5 to 7 mph cushion on the highways and surface streets. You don’t get bonus points in life for getting places slowly. So pick up the pace!)
  6. Write in your books. (Take notes in your books. Highlight your books. Basically, make them your own because this helps you soak in the knowledge contained in them.)
  7. Don’t share. (Some information is not meant for everyone)


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