Pro Tip: Sweet Tea


Every now and then a pearl of wisdom will form in my mind. These, dear reader, are pro tips.

Pro Tip of the Day: If you ever walk into someone’s house and hear a young girl’s voice yell, “Would you like some sweet tea?”, run like the wind because Chris Hanson is bound to be in that home trying to ‘Catch a Predator’!

Pacman Jones now making it rain on the homeless and single mothers


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                              Cincinnati Bengals cornerback, and noted strip club rainmaker, Adam Pacman Jones has a long history of run ins with the law. He’s probably better known … Continue reading

Rules you should have been taught as a child, but weren’t


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                  Remember all those rules your parents taught you as a child? Stuff like, “Don’t play with guns”, “Don’t talk to strangers”, and “Don’t sleep around”. Well, the rules below are what … Continue reading

Strip Club incident shows Jacoby Jones and Pacman Jones are pretty much the same guy


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  Source – There’s a new twist in the Jacoby Jones, party bus, Sweet Pea incident and the new twist is that one of the old twists didn’t happen. Jones went on the record on Wednesday for the first time … Continue reading

Dude rides motorcycle with full size Teddy Bear; Is pretty much coolest person ever

Biker with Teddy Bear - WildCasaI have so many questions about this scene. Is this grown man really just riding his motorcycle down the highway with a lifesize teddy bear riding b!tch as if it’s normal and acceptable behavior? Why yes. Yes, he is indeed. Is this some kind of odd tribute to the movie Ted or this dude’s way of letting us all know he’ super stoked that Ted 2 has been green lit? What kind of life choices lead a person to a place where this seems like a good idea?

All I know for sure about this is I would put money on it that fellow biker and avid ball protector Terry Himes would have a word or two for this guy about his behavior.

What do you think of this? Leave a comment below.

Wild Football Injury: Arizona Cardinals Rashad Johnson looses part of finger during tackle


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Source – Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson gets to have his name alongside Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, but it doesn’t have anything to do with his play on the field. Like Lott, Johnson has one finger that happens to … Continue reading

New York teens reinact Project X; Trash mansion of ex-NFL player


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Source – A former NFL player’s home was broken into and thoroughly trashed by teenagers in upstate New York over Labor Day weekend. Brian Holloway, a three time all-pro lineman for the New England Patriots, arrived to his second home … Continue reading