Pacman Jones now making it rain on the homeless and single mothers

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Cincinnati Bengals cornerback, and noted strip club rainmaker, Adam Pacman Jones has a long history of run ins with the law. He’s probably better known for his off field foolishness than for anything he’s done on the gridiron. Heck, dude has been arrested 7 times in the past 8 years (that’s consistency right there), including the famous Las Vegas strip club shooting that paralyzed a man and saddled Pacman with a bill for $11 million in civil damages.

So, how does a man with such a storied past celebrate his 30th birthday? Well, hopefully NOT at a strip club (that’s clearly no longer the venue for him.) Apparently, he does what anyone named after an epic 80’s arcade video game that was later made into a tv series and also spawned another epic arcade game (Ms. Pac-Man) would do: Get a badass cake made of said video game and hit the streets to hand out generous cash infusions to the homeless and “mothers” (single ones I assume) . Forget welfare, Pacman is here to pay the bills! My man is stimulating the economy one bum at a time. (no pun intended.)  I’m not a financial planner or anything, but I have seen a few Charles Schwab commercials in my day so while I salute “Pac’s” generosity I can’t help but think he might be better served putting those funds toward his millions of debt. Just a thought.

PS – Also, let’s all take note that his twitter name has the “ADA” in Adam capitalized. Pretty sure that’s his way of slyly telling the world that anyone who tries to pick up some of the singles he’s thrown in the “skrip club” is at grave risk of being wounded to the point of joining those covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you mess with his money, Pacman will put your ass in a chair.



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