Google bringing the heat. Sneak dissin’ like a boss in its never ending battle with Microsoft Internet Exporer


Ok, I get it Google. Chrome is the new hotness and Internet Explorer is washed up and completly outclassed by both Chrome and Mozilla. Point taken and I totally agree with you. Look, I’ll admit that sometimes some of us (aka yours truly) are a bit slow to update our software versions, but that does not mean that we don’t have a “modern browser”. I mean, please, I may be using IE, but it’s not like I’m logging onto a terminal, running DOS, or using a dial up modem while yelling at everyone in my house to “STAY OFF THE PHONE!” because I’m surfing the web (btw, if you’re on dailup that aint’ really “surfin’ the web”. It’s more like dogpaddling to the deep end and just waiting to drown, but I digress).

About the only thing I miss from those throwback days of the internet’s infancy are the great AOL coasters cds that would show up in the mail about twice a week. Let me tell you, those were the best frisbees ever. Nothing quite matched the excitement of getting off the school bus, sprinting to the mailbox to see what new mail  Victoria’s Secret catalog had arrived, and finding a brand spankin’ new AOL cd. The hours of fun from using that thing as a frisbee cannot be matched. So, thank you AOL for providing great frisbee-coaster-cds, crappy internet service, and a half decent instant messenger.

P.S. –  I have Chrome, but I just wasn’t using it right then. So GOMD!



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