Curling. So hot right now.

Curling = Pro janitorial competition

Curling = Pro janitorial competition


So many thoughts right now. First off, how great is it that this video just gets directly to the point and answers the question we were all asking, “WTF is Anna Sidorova (a total hot) doing spending her free time sweeping ice while yelling at a lead weight?” Chick just breaks it down 33 seconds in: “The reason I started to play curling is I hurt my leg… because I was a figure skater… and now… I’m in curling.” Just the look of shame on her face at the end of that sentence. Looking at her you’d think she just confessed something truly horrible. Like the reason she started doing porn was because she hurt her nose and had to find a way to pay for her coke habit.

Ok, now how about the 55 second mark where she proclaims that she “loves curling because it’s just such an amazing emotion with people clapping”. Holy freaking shit. Slow down in the Jag Wayne! Major revelation right there. You mean, all we gotta do to get our wives and girlfriends to not only clean, but be enthusiastic about it is clap a bit?!?! Consider it done. Thanks for the tip Anna.

Moving on: I’m pretty sure we can all agree that curling is just tryouts for the world’s most elite level of janitorial work right? So, with this said, why doesn’t Mexico have a curling team? Everyone knows Mexican’s are kickass janitors. I mean, just spend a few seconds watching that 5 foot 2 lady who cleans your office every day and you’ll know what I mean. Sweep game to put these Russian chicks to shame. I’m just saying, if Jamaica can have a bobsled team can’t Mexico be represented in sweeping curling? If I were trying to field a curling team my scouts would be in every office building in America after hours just looking for talent illegally smuggled in from south of the border. “Hey Rosa, you’re pretty good with that Swiffer, how about you hang up that mop and dustpan, pick up a curling brush, and join Team Mexico?”


PS: You don’t “play” curling Ana. That word is reserved for real sports, but nice try.

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