Wild Football Injury: Arizona Cardinals Rashad Johnson looses part of finger during tackle

OuchSource Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson gets to have his name alongside Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, but it doesn’t have anything to do with his play on the field.

Like Lott, Johnson has one finger that happens to be missing a piece after Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints. (Lott had the tip of his pinky amputated before the 1986 season when another option that would’ve allowed him to keep that piece of the finger would’ve prevented him from being ready for the start of the year.)

Johnson, according to Kent Somers, took off his glove and the tip of his left middle finger came off with it. 

Crazy story. This is the type of injury you expect a guy to get from working in a sawmill, operating heavy equipment, or running with scissors – not playing football. It was Johnson’s middle finger that got removed down to the first knuckle, so it looks as if he won’t be telling anyone they’re “number one” any time soon. On the bright side, it wasn’t an index finger so he’s is still all good when it comes to picking his nose.

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